A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You are a guy, you love candies. But the candy does also another thing...
It keeps his memory alive. Otherwise he is just like a guy with Alzheimer!
Can you try him to keep his memory intact?


  • Arrow-Up-Jump!
  • Arrow-Left-Move left!
  • Arrow-Right-Move right!
  • Escape-Exit!

You want no sounds? Rename or delete the sounds folder!

Want be a super awesome hacker you always have dreamt to be of?

  • Make a file in the current folder called "candy.txt"
  • then enter at the first line the amount of candys you want.

Made with the XNA Framework, compiled in .NET 4 client profile.

The source code is probably at this place:
Or somewhere there: http://joppiesaus.function1.nl

Have fun! - joppiesaus, 12:54 1-2-2014

Install instructions

1. Download!
2. Extract(it's a ZIP file)!
3. Play(click on "Low-Memory Candy.exe")!

Make sure you have the XNA Framework, otherwise download it here!


LMC_src.zip 125 kB
LMC_bin.zip 120 kB